Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Early bird

IMG_0216 IMG_0217

Am an early riser but am not too fond of flying in the very early morning. My flight from Monterey was at 6:30 a.m. so I woke up at real early morning, one that even for me was an unholy hour.

The good thing about starting early is there is no traffic and you get to get shots of the sunrise from above. I flew from North to South – to Los Angeles to catch my flight to Chicago.

Here’s LA from above.



I love sunrise but from where I live I have to drive away from here to get a better view of it. These shots came in handy for my Daily Post entry for the week.

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Travel Theme: Centre



It looks like I have as much photos that are centered and following the “Rule of Thirds”. Most times I don’t have much time for composition. I shoot a scene by instinct, shooting my subject in an angle that appeals to me. The rule of thirds comes after. Sorry.

Today Ailsa’s Challenge is “Centred” or “Centered”. This is my entry, To go to her site, go here.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Close-ups

In la-la-land

In la-la-land

Okay, I had to read it twice to make sure that I didn’t make a mistake in Cee’s B/W Photo Challenge last week. You know, when you get to be my age, you have a tendency to doubt yourself.

It turned out that it wasn’t a mistake. Cee asks for another close-up.

And here’s my entry for this one. To join and see close-ups in color, go here.

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Padre Pio, Wilma & friends

Padre Pio

Padre Pio

Wilma of Simply Beautiful is a devotee of Padre Pio and she hosts the First Saturday Novena to him at her home every month. I join the group as often as I can but not as much as I want.

This time there were additional friends who came and whom I’ve not met before. ¬†Martha was with our group when we went for the Way of the Cross last year in Indiana and it’s my first time meeting Becky.

It is always nice meeting new friends, they add new perspective to conversations and the party gets merrier.  As usual, we all converge around the food in the dining room before and after prayers.

It was also a warm day which has been long overdue so some members of the group stayed and attended the Saturday mass and lingered over dinner.


Beef sinigang












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Daily Post Challenge: Afloat

My second entry in this week’s Afloat Challenge.

Monterey Archipelago Yacht Club

Monterey Archipelago Yacht Club


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Not quite Monet



Krista of the Daily Post challenges us this week to show Afloat in our photos. You should read her experience in Morocco how she came about with the word “afloat”. I wish I could have that experience.

While all I could manage are water lilies afloat in a pond. Taken at Bristol, Wisconsin.

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Life in Suburbia: April 10, 2015

Friday was my day off as I have set two doctors’ visit. I left the house early and came home around seven but glad that I accomplished a lot in one day, including dining with one of my closest friends and some shopping.

First stop was at the cleaners to get a pair of pants hemmed. Couldn’t believe that despite the name it is owned by an Asian. Why should I be surprised. Nothing against it, the gentleman was very nice, polite and gracious as he should be owning a customer service establishment.


It’s been a week after Easter. I bet they are waiting for Mother’s Day to change it. Although they have kept the Rosicky name, who I supposed was the original owner. Would they want to keep the bunnies and the eggs till they multiply? Bunnies don’t lay eggs, they’re waiting for the bunny to get pregnant and the eggs to hatch, I mean.


At the hospital with Lydia.



A stop at Penzey’s for some Five-Spice powder and found they have epazote too. No, not the one below.



From there we went to Anyway’s Bar & Grill.


I want to be made-up like that. Wouldn’t you? Actually I want to join the Carnivale in Venice this lifetime.

Lydia ordered a burrito bowl (in a ceramic bowl, it would have been more fun in a fried tortilla bowl) . . .


. . . while of course I ordered the grilled fish tacos. I’ve been complaining that I haven’t had a fish taco worth the money I paid in any restaurants I’ve been to and she told me this place is the answer to my prayers. And yes it did!


And the rice came with my favorite black beans. My friends from the Philippines used to send me a couple of kilos of those beans through people traveling here, risking being fined by the US Customs before the carrier got into his senses and said I should just look them at the produce stores.


From there to Nordstrom Rack. Never been a fan of the store. The first time I went there the tags were way over my budget. But the shoes . . . oh the shoes, they were soft and well-fitted to my rugged feet but still outrageous. Look!


Can you ever walk in those shoes? I’d order a walker first before I wear them. Seriously! Or have the paramedics on standby.


Florals are the in-thing again. Love these boots! They didn’t have them in my size.

Off to my next appointment.


We were there an hour early and they called me right away.

So back to Lydia’s for dinner this time. First I took a nap in her living room. Feeling very at home.


When I woke up, Mr. Lou has prepared a sumptuous pork chop dish using fennel. Maybe I should look for some fennel recipes. Never tried using them myself before.


The meat was delicious, tender and fragrant from the spice.

After hitting Target and Petsmart, it was time to go home. It was a great day, thanks to the Thompsons!

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