Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Shiny


This week is Professional Administrative Week. So we have a week-long celebration courtesy of the company. Today we had a buffet lunch. The theme is sort of a beach life. So they used colorful plates, they decorated the tables with colorful covers and one of the centerpieces was this.

Of course we were served food that simulates a picnic. Kebabs, chips, pineapple salsa, etc. In short everything they served was great!

A Harley bike signed by all the company's workers to comemmorate their 75th anniversary

A Harley bike signed by all the company’s workers to commemorate their 75th anniversary

Hmmm, the bike above honors the Harley workers too! What a great recognition for their contribution to the success of their company.

This is my entry to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Shiny. To see the rules and more photos, go here.

365 Project: Day 113

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Tagged O: Okra

Ilocano dinendeng with okra

Ilocano dinendeng with okra

Bamboo shoots remind me of rainy days in the Philippines. The Philippines has only two seasons – wet and dry. During the rainy season, it rains constantly and it is bamboo shoots time. That is why bamboos are very important. They are a food source and housing materials too. Nowadays, they have even developed fibers made out of bamboos.

Ooops, I’ve just digressed from my subject of okra. Normally, bamboo shots goes very well with saluyot, scientific name is chorchorus oliturios. We use the leaves of this plant which is slimy when cooked. It goes very well with the texture of the bamboo shoot which actually is very tender after boiling. But since saluyot is available only in frozen form or once in a while we find the fresh leaves, they are very expensive so okra is a great substitute. Just like the saluyot it turns slimy.

Okra is a good source of calcium and potassium. Aside from its high fiber content, it is also an anti-oxidant.

During the rainy season our rivers overflow too and we have abundance of fresh-water fish and crustaceans. To add flavor to the vegetables, in place of meat, we use grilled or fried fish.

This dish is great with rice.

365 Project: Day 112. This is my entry to Frizztext’s AtoZ Challenge: O, here.

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365 Project: Day 111 – Combo challenge

Two challenges in one journal entry: Ailsa’s Travel Challenge – Round and Dailypost Challenge: On Top, here.

On top of the dome of Ascension Church

On top of the dome of Ascension Church

Inside, under that dome -


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Tagged N – Noodles


My long overdue entry to Frizztext’s AtoZ Challenge. Go here for other entries.

Lunch today was at Olive Garden where they give you as much as you want salad and freshly baked bread sticks. So by the time you get to your entree, there’s not much room for it. Most peep who left the restaurant was carrying their left overs.

Now that is lunch for tomorrow!

365 Project: Day 110

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365 Project: Day 109 – Saffron-robed


Scene by the entrance of The Willis Tower going to the top, monks doing a selfie. From now on this is going to be a common site all over Chicago.

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365 Project: Day 108 – Lenten fish

Ceres' fish sandwich

Ceres’ fish sandwich

My friend and cube-mate and I decided to take a walk at our old neighborhood – The Willis Tower or for us old timers, the Sears Tower. That was our offices old address.

Since they have cut short our lunch break to 30 minutes we now literally eat our lunch at our desk. Other than getting a quick bite, there is not much you can do in half an hour. But Good Friday was very quiet, almost all the bosses were out. I for one, I work virtual because all my bosses are assigned at out of town clients. So I was free to get some fresh air.

At Lent, it used to be a tradition between my friend and I to have fish fillet sandwich or dinner at the Ceres Restaurant at the groundfloor of the Chicago Board of Trade every Friday. We frequent it too throughout the year when they offer it on Thursdays. Ceres piles up freshly fried perch, too much that we don’t even bother with the bread and it is a waste to order the dinner because you can’t even have room for the fries.

It has gotten very popular that now they serve it several days a week. Otherwise, when we were feeling cheap, we’d settle with the fish fillet at McDonalds which used to have it on special at a buck each and we’d order two pieces for each of us. Now the McDonalds fish sandwich is 2 pieces for 5 bucks.

The fish sandwich at Ceres is still very good like before. I think they serve the best fish sandwich in the city. I always order fish and chips whenever it is in a restaurant’s menu even in my travels and always Ceres comes out the best.

We haven’t been there since 2009. We simply couldn’t fit it in our short lunch break. It is now a long hike from our present office and the walk alone to and from would easily consume our half hour break.

Now she said we are going to make it a tradition every Good Friday.

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The Shrine of Christ’s Passion


To be honest, when Wilma invited me to go with them to Indiana for the Way of the Cross, I was wondering to myself why we could not just do it in church. After all, all churches has it. And it so happened I was already driving that day to Wisconsin and the idea of driving for an hour each way again that weekend didn’t seem like an attractive way for me to spend it. I would rather sleep or rest.

Well Saturday turned out to be beautiful and not wanting to waste the day and in the spirit of this sacred holiday in my religion, I gave in. And was I in for a pleasant surprise. The Shrine was worth seeing. For an hour’s drive from Chicago, it was worth it.

The Way of the Cross images are life-size and set in a field. Concrete pathways made the half-mile walk easy and the fair temperature helped. A mixbag of weather predictions that day helped to keep the crowd away otherwise I was told the place could be very crowded.

The way to enter the Shrine is through the gift shop. There is no fee but that is a very smart move by the non-profit organization that manages the Shrine. The gift shop has a wide inventory of quality goods, religious and home decorating stuff, books, t-shirts, purses, etc. At the back before you start the walk, they have a patio where tables and chairs are set up for people to talk or just enjoy a snack. We had a picnic there after the Station courtesy of Martha.

Volunteers who work at The Shrine were very friendly. They also have a covered rest stop half-way through the Station for people to stay in case of emergency or to take a break and constantly there was a golf cart that goes around checking on people if they need a ride or help. Benches right across the Stations are present too for people who are handicapped and cannot stand for very long.

I think the place would be prettier when the shrubs they have planted will be in full bloom and the grass turn green. They have very well-kept grounds.

The walk starts with the Last Supper and ends with the Resurrection. At the other end of the walk set on a hill is the St. John the Evangelist Church. We didn’t get a chance to go inside as it was closed.

Am really glad that Wilma was persistent in asking up to the last day that I go or I would have missed this experience.

365 Project: Day 107

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