The Shrine of Christ’s Passion


To be honest, when Wilma invited me to go with them to Indiana for the Way of the Cross, I was wondering to myself why we could not just do it in church. After all, all churches has it. And it so happened I was already driving that day to Wisconsin and the idea of driving for an hour each way again that weekend didn’t seem like an attractive way for me to spend it. I would rather sleep or rest.

Well Saturday turned out to be beautiful and not wanting to waste the day and in the spirit of this sacred holiday in my religion, I gave in. And was I in for a pleasant surprise. The Shrine was worth seeing. For an hour’s drive from Chicago, it was worth it.

The Way of the Cross images are life-size and set in a field. Concrete pathways made the half-mile walk easy and the fair temperature helped. A mixbag of weather predictions that day helped to keep the crowd away otherwise I was told the place could be very crowded.

The way to enter the Shrine is through the gift shop. There is no fee but that is a very smart move by the non-profit organization that manages the Shrine. The gift shop has a wide inventory of quality goods, religious and home decorating stuff, books, t-shirts, purses, etc. At the back before you start the walk, they have a patio where tables and chairs are set up for people to talk or just enjoy a snack. We had a picnic there after the Station courtesy of Martha.

Volunteers who work at The Shrine were very friendly. They also have a covered rest stop half-way through the Station for people to stay in case of emergency or to take a break and constantly there was a golf cart that goes around checking on people if they need a ride or help. Benches right across the Stations are present too for people who are handicapped and cannot stand for very long.

I think the place would be prettier when the shrubs they have planted will be in full bloom and the grass turn green. They have very well-kept grounds.

The walk starts with the Last Supper and ends with the Resurrection. At the other end of the walk set on a hill is the St. John the Evangelist Church. We didn’t get a chance to go inside as it was closed.

Am really glad that Wilma was persistent in asking up to the last day that I go or I would have missed this experience.

365 Project: Day 107

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365 Project: Day 106 – Police matter


The other day, after scraping the snow on my car, I found myself running short of time in catching my train. So I parked at the demarcation line for 2-hour parking and for the depot. I have parked there many times before but this time when I returned I saw a parking ticket left in my windshield.

I was miffed because I just paid another ticket for being a day late in buying my car sticker. I thought I had a month grace period, what do I know, the city don’t give you allowances when it comes to collection. And that day I parked my car in the same spot but they didn’t mention that I parked in a 2-hour parking.

I called the police department to contest my ticket and they said they just started ticketing that area. But they told me if I bring my quarter parking pass, they would waive my penalty.

They close late on Tuesday and Thursday so right after work I drove straight at the police department. No questions asked, I just showed my permit.

Good thing I didn’t just pay. I won’t ever park in that gray area again even though I could argue that that sign is not very clear.

What do you think?

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365 Project: Day 105

Am trying to make up for the days I failed to post my pictures.

This is one of my favorite buildings in the city, The Rush University Medical Center. Click here to know more about its architecture.


I don’t know if it is in any of the architectural tours as it is a little set apart from the center of the city. It stands like a sentinel from the west suburbs as you enter the city.

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365 Project: Day 104 – Tourists

The weather was not bad as yesterday and today I saw a tourist boat. I hope there is no more snow so we can enjoy Spring.

This is one thing my niece and nephew missed. I wished they had taken the architectural tour because Chicago has a great collection of landmark buildings by the greatest architects in the world and the best way to see them is on a boat.

While I took a picture, the tourists waved at me!


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A HOG’s pilgrimage

At the mention of Harley motorbikes, I knew right away that it calls for a drive to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where the Harley-Davidson Museum is located.

I am not a bike fan, in fact I dread driving in the highway with bikers around and when the weather is great, there’s a whole bunch of them. I get nervous that I might get into an accident with them around.

Sergio is a Harley owner and he was surprised when he found out that we could drive there. There’s no better experience than bringing a big HOG to where they came from.

He said he developed his love for motorbikes when his father bought him one at the age of 17. Now that is like a kid with an American Girl doll visiting the store on Michigan Avenue.

I know there are other great European bikes but Harley-Davidson is America’s pride. It is a grown up person’s toy next to his car and the bike could cost a hefty price. I probably wouldn’t mind riding in one as long as they have that dedicated seat at the back. I am all for comfort you know.

The museum covers the whole history of the company, from the first bike, Serial #1 to the latest. They have all the styles for every personality.

Here is a slideshow of the trip.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Even if you are not a big fan, they have some interactive activities at the museum. In fact, you can even design your dream bike and purchase a sticker of your creation at the store. Oh am sure you can even order the real thing if your heart so desires, customized to your whims.

They also have a guided tour of the plant for a separate fee. The plant is outside of Milwaukee and there’s a shuttle that drives you there.

After the tour, you can browse at the store to get some souvenirs of anything and everything about Harley. Toys, ladies bags, apparel, books, magazines, stickers, pins, posters, etc.

After getting his souvenirs we walked next door where they have a cafe or if you want something heavier, to the restaurant.

Next time you visit Chicago, spend a day or two in Milwaukee. You can take the train going there if you don’t want to drive. The city has a lot to offer especially during the summer.

Reserve 4 hours at the museum, shop and restaurant.

365 Project: Day 103

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365 Project: Day 102



We all go into denial that snow days are over. Maybe the calendar says so, that Spring has officially begun a while back but Mother Nature rules.

We know from experience that it can still snow in April but deep inside we wish it is over. But not so quick, it came back last night.

So this morning I had to scrape the ice on my car and I wondered why my head was cold. I know there was something am missing. I had a scarf around my neck and I still wear my wool coat but I have washed and kept away my knitted cap. And am not about to soil it again.

That’s it, I will just brave the cold until this one is over.

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Share Your World – 2014 Week 15

Today's weather - it rained, windy, snowed and the temperature dipped once again

Today’s weather – it rained, windy, snowed and the temperature dipped once again

I have missed several weeks from Cee’s Share Your World. Am back!

For your blog do you basically use Windows or Mac, laptop, desktop, pad, or phone?

I use my Mac laptop. There is just no way I can blog with my phone. The computer works faster and I can go in and out to edit without any trouble.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

As a kid, I loved to draw or let’s just say doodle. I wanted to be an architect or take fine arts but I outgrew it. In high school I wanted to work overseas, be an ambassador of my country, but my family said it was very competitive and it was exclusively a male world so then I thought the next best thing was to become a lawyer. Somehow I got talked out of it too. At some point I wanted to be a flight stewardess because I dreamt of traveling to far away places and later I also wanted to be a chef.

Did you grow up in a small or big town? Did you like it?

I grew up in our farm and then when I started first grade my grandma sent me to the big town (it is now a city). I loved rural life – people live peacefully and content with what they have and they are self-sufficient. That is why I prefer small towns than big cities. City life has a lot more challenges.

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

Oh I would love to be 18 again! To be young and carefree and at the same time thinking and feeling you got the world in your hands is a great feeling.

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I was grateful to have spent time with my niece and met her husband. I wish they don’t live so far away.

This week is going to be Easter. Am looking forward to visiting an aunt and Sunday, dinner with friends here at the house.

365 Project: Day 101

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