Travel Theme: Grasses

My entry to Ailsa’s challenge for the week – GrassesDSC_0271

I’d much prefer looking at a sight like this than being in a city of glass and steel.

Grasses and wild flowers are not strange bedfellows in God’s garden.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Teal or turquoise




Here’s my entry to Cee’s Foto Challenge: Teal or turquoise.

As teal or turquoise are hard to define somehow here is a description of Teal taken from O’

Teal is the color of the ocean under a sunlit sky, and as you descend into its depths. It’s the color that streaks through the golds and reds of a tropical sunset and that emerges with the dawn. Teal nestles in the overlap of blues and greens in an afternoon rainbow. Teal, in fact, is blue shaded with green. Or green shaded with blue. Take your pick.

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Coca-Cola chicken wings


This one caught my attention because it is very simple and requires very few ingredients.

I attended a baby shower hosted by LolaWi of Simply Beautiful last Sunday. It was a potluck and with the heat, I didn’t want to stay in the kitchen a lot.

The major ingredient here aside from the chicken wings is as you read above, Coke. Definitely you can use any other parts of the chicken or ribs.

This is a Chinese dish and although you may not see it in the menu in the restaurants, it is a new invention by them. They say Coca-Cola is a big item in China, they value it almost like good wine. But my aunt & uncle uses Coke too in our favorite pork barbecue so there must be something in Coke that makes it so good aside from tenderizing the meat.


6 lbs. separated chicken wings (I got mine at Costco)
1 12 oz. can Coca-Cola (not diet)
6 cloves garlic, minced
1 cup of soy sauce
1/3 cup of cooking oil
1 thumb-size ginger, minced
4 tbsp. rice wine (optional)
Freshly ground black pepper
Minced cilantro or green onions for garnish

Marinate wings in the first five ingredients for at least an hour or overnight.

Brown wings on the oil but do not crowd the pan. You can do it in several batches so the chicken do not get watery and just to cook the blood out of the wings.

In a separate pot, add the minced ginger and deposit the wings there as they brown. When frying is done, add ground pepper. Meantime, you can boil the marinade in the frying pan where you just cooked the chicken. After a quick boil, scrape the pan of the sautéed remains of the chicken and add it to the chicken pot with the rice wine.

Cook until marinade turns thick to a sauce, cover and turn once in a while until tender. Adjust seasoning as desired.

Garnish with the greens before serving. Best served hot or warm.

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Daily Post Photo Challenge: Half and Half


Let me go on a different direction on my interpretation of Half and Half as defined at this week’s Word Press Photo Challenge.

I believe marriage is a whole of two halves even though each person in a marriage is a complete individual on their own. That is why there’s an idiom as the “better half” referring to your partner, which should be literally and to be politically correct, the “other half”.

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Ailsa’s Photo Challenge: Toys

My entry to Ailsa’s Photo Challenge for the Week: Toys



Would these water fountains work as toys?

The weekend’s heat was suffocating that all you would want to do is stay indoor in an air-conditioned home or if not, go to a water park just like what these kids did. They are having such a great time that no amount of toys – electronics or otherwise, would win over getting wet and play under these fountains.

Why not, I myself would have joined them if there was no age limit for playing. There was a height requirement and age limit. How I envy the kids.

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Beating the summer heat

We were all looking forward to another picnic yesterday but because of the humidity index being too high (predicted 105 deg. F), our organizer decided to have it in their house. No matter how much we like to play outdoors, sensibilities won over. The erratic and drastic weather changes has caused some ailments to some of us.

We appreciated the thought further when in the afternoon we received tornado and flash flood warnings and then it poured.



It was a welcome sight though as it was scorching hot but prior to the storm it cooled down.

My youngest sister before the storm

My youngest sister before the storm

Congregating in groups in different corners of the house, the young set in the family room, the men in the living room and the women in the dining room, talked progressed from summer travels, shopping in Paris and London – a family is traveling there next week, we all couldn’t afford such luxury, in between binges.

Missing from the food photos was the big tray of barbecued ribs. But no worries, what we don’t finish, we brown bag the left overs. Like human vacuum cleaners we take the food off from the hands of the host. Who wants to eat left overs for a month anyway? The extra food was really meant for sharing.

And how do you eat crayfish?

And how do you eat crayfish?

Last week was also Jamie’s tenth birthday and we celebrated it again. Such a sweet girl, they grow so fast they have a mind of their own by ten.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Lime or Bright Green


This is the color of summer we look forward to each season, vibrant! My entry to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Lime or Bright Green.

Expect coleus to come in different colors, mono or in combination. With the Golden Japanese sedum in the foreground they all do complete the composition with the bright red begonia in the mix.

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