Spectators – b/w


Am so drawn to this picture. Maybe because of the look of awe and innocence on the face of the child while her brother seems to be curious at something. They were watching a school’s Christmas program where I used to work.

My last entry to the FB Challenge.

365 Project: Day 272

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Fourth day, fourth entry to my black and white FB challenge.

This time I wanted to take a photo of my other cat – Sissi because she’s already gray/white-haired but she’s so shy although she is just as affectionate as Pixie. Their characters are so opposite but they do get along very well.

365 Project: Day 271

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Lisbon in b/w


It’s been quite awhile since my only visit in Portugal with my friend, Cecile, that I could no longer recall the name of this park.

I remember taking the public bus in getting here, on top of the mountain. It is an old fort and from there one can enjoy a nice view of Lisbon. Maybe someone could tell me the name of this park.

We really enjoyed our tour of Portugal. The people were very friendly and very kind, anywhere we went. I could not forget arriving in Obidos when the restaurant at the Castelo de Obidos at almost closing time and yet the chef was able to come up with a sumptuous dinner for me and my friend. The same thing in Lisbon. The hotel didn’t serve dinner but it was almost midnight so the staff prepared a generous amount of breakfast sandwiches for us.

This was before GPS came into existence and also I kept being distracted by so many signs of places to see which were all very well-marked. One time I wanted to see this historical palace on top of the mountain and when I asked for directions, a grandfather and his son led us there in their car.

One afternoon, we made a brief stop in Cascais for dinner but way too early. I told the owner of the restaurant that I wanted some grilled sardines. I didn’t realize that he went himself to the market to pick some to cook. Wow, I was really impressed with the Portuguese. I have never met such accommodating people in all my travels.

My friend and I promised ourselves to go back sometime in Portugal but never got around to it. Maybe when work has ceased being in the way, we can go back there and see the ones we missed.

This is my third entry to the B/W meme in Facebook. This time I would like to tag Sergio.

365 Project: Day 270

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Antiques in b/w

IMG_0966My second posting to the FB meme of black and white. My Multiply buddy, Cat Herrera, picked me to post 5 photos for 5 days asking a friend for each day. I will save my WP friends from it even though without exception you are all great photographers but I’ll keep it in FB.

This is one photo that has been languishing in my file as I never found the opportunity to use it.

This time I will nominate my former Multiply buddy turned very good friend and virtual sister – Louella Alix. I thought this is appropriate for her – she owns a boutique/gift shop in Cebu, Philippines. Plus she has a great eye in photography gone unnoticed because her husband is a great photographer.

Yesterday I picked my housemate and one of my BFFs, Viv, to unleash her artistic side. She loves being at the end of the lens, this time I have challenged her to be the picture taker. And indeed she impressed a lot of people with her first entry.

365 Project: Day 269

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The Daily Post Weekly Challenge: Cover Art


My loves are food, travel and gardening. But if I have to write a book, I probably would pick a garden book of perennial flowers.

Perennial because I am a lazy gardener. I love permanence and for things to age. When I used to have a flowering garden, I filled it with perennials because I love seeing my plants grow and amazed how they have improved from the previous year(s).

This plant is a perennial in warmer climes. Here in the Midwest, they grow as annuals.

So maybe I could write a book on gardening perennials in the tropics instead of the Midwest. In my many years here, I’ve seen so many plants that grow all year-round where I came from but are seasonal here.

I would most likely use this photo as the cover of my book.

To see the stories that comes with the photos on this challenge, go here.

365 Project: Day 268

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Montana in b/w


There is a meme going around in FB where a person nominates you to post B/W photos for five days and also picking 5 people to do the same.

Above is my first post, a photo I took on our way to Glacier National Park from Colorado in June last year. It was my second visit to GNP. Unfortunately we were there too early and Going-to-the-Sun Road was still closed. That is also the way to go to the Canadian side of the park so I was not able to show to my companions the other highlights of GNP which I love so much.

I would still want to go back there, next time at the middle of summer although on my first trip with my cousins (2003) there was a huge wildfire at the park at that time when a big swath of forest was damaged. You can’t really win with nature.

365 Project: Day 268

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Green


Two things I noticed about Virginia were the presence of too many bodies of water and the trees. Before my visit there, I didn’t know much about the state although I’ve always wanted to be at the Chesapeake Bay. But Chesapeake extends all the way to Maryland and I probably had that state in mind.

Well in my next visit, that would be in my list to see.

Here’s my entry to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge for the week: Green.

This photo was taken in Thomas Jefferson’s garden.

365 Project: Day 267

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