But it is sunny . . .


We have planned a picnic at a forest preserve today as a farewell to summer but because they predicted rain the organizers decided that it will be held at the house of my BIL’s youngest sister.

And just as I have written it is sunny, I looked out of the window just now and the fog has mixed in but not for long (as I type). If yesterday’s weather is to be the gauge, rain and sun alternated. So fickle. There is a cold chill in the air though which probably is a reasonable argument that it better be indoor.

And I was hoping a walk in the woods . . .

365 Project: Day 248

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Travel Theme: Strong


The only piers I knew before going to Sandbridge are the ones made for boats and ships. There are none of those here. This is a fishing wharf.

It gets very busy very early as people try to get a choice spot. For sure some of them were regulars as they gave me the eye when I was standing on a side they want. Lucky for them I was just visiting.

One can walk through underneath. The waves in Virginia Beach could be very strong but this hardly show any strain. It is in the open sea constantly battered by winds, current and all the elements.

My entry to Ailsa of Where’s My Backpack challenge for the week: Strong.

365 Project: Day 247

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Susan Constant – Endurance

A replica at Jamestown

A replica at Jamestown

He tolde me of three barques on route to the New Worlde, thouse whose names are, as he tolde me thereon, be consysted of “Godspeed”, “Discoverie” or “Discovery”, and one whose name splyte twice, I think ┬┤was “Sarah Constant”.- presumably written by Sir Walter Raleigh

To have endured the long voyage from England to Jamestown and back, Sarah Constant is an excellent example of endurance. It made its maiden voyage to the New World in 1606-1607 and it was last seen in 1615 as a merchant ship.

At the museum we were shown movies re-enacting the dangerous crossing the first settlers endured. The ship was too small for 71 colonists and it was a big test to endure living in close quarters. There were stormy seas and the prospect of being killed by native settlers in the islands where they made stops.


365 Project: Day 246

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The Karaoke Singer


He is not the best Karaoke singer out there but he’s brave enough to belt it out in public. To say Filipinos love to sing is an understatement. Don’t be surprised if you go to a Philippine city to find karaoke bars. It does not take much to prod someone to sing, even before drinking a bottle of beer/wine.

It was noon time and we decided all we needed at that time was some refresher. We were promised a huge glass of “halo-halo” – that Filipino favorite of shaved ice with different sweets for ingredients and milk topped with a scoop of ice cream.

Well, the halo-halo came in a medium size plastic cup. What a disappointment but as we sat there to nurse it, Mr. Karaoke entertained us. He wasn’t bad. It put the dining room at the restaurant in a party mood. In fact, it inspired one of the patrons to take over for awhile. He was only slightly better.

We left before one of us would have the nerve to get the mike from the singer.

That would have surely emptied the place fast.

My entry to Cee’s B/W Challenge: Candid Photo. To join, go here.

365 Project: Day 245

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Building


Am into small houses lately and I could see am not the only one. Cee posed a challenge for “Buildings” and I see a lot of small structures and barns. Two of my favorite subjects to shoot.

This is my entry to this week’s challenge.

This was taken in Yorkville (VA), an old settlement. The building is a replica of a storage structure or what we would call a shed nowadays. I forgot to ask where the door was but I thought I walked around the perimeter and didn’t notice it. This was used to store their crops during Winter.

Their homes during those days looked like this too. They have one structure where the family lived, a one room affair, but with a fireplace and a separate one as a smokehouse. That also becomes the kitchen.

It was way much simpler then. It could not be compared with a hole in the sand though. LOL

365 Project: Day 244

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A hole in the sand


Imagine having a hole for a home? And having a fresh one each time the wave or the tide go past it?

It helps too that you’ve got sharp clippers to build your shelter. I wish life is just as simple as that.


365 Project: Day 243

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One day, I said to myself, I will shoot that barn. And I did yesterday and I missed a fiery sunset nearby. But the sun was slowly fading when I left and it didn’t look promising. It would have been a beautiful place to watch but next time I would know where to go.

This barn was in a land near the Whalen Lake Park in Bolingbrook. Maybe Sly can come next time as there is a dog park there too.

365 Project: Day 242

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