Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 34

It is Week 34 and this is my first time to join. I agree, I don’t have a lot of odd balls except for a couple maybe.

Above is one, the Mermaid at the Nauticus Naval Museum in Norfolk, Virginia.

When you enter the museum guest is given yellow stick ‘em you put on your lapel or top, that is your ticket to get in. But many people have stuck them at The Mermaid when they were done.

The mermaid is probably hating all the land people for what they have done to her. No wonder she’d rather stay underwater all the time.

365 Project: Day 266

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The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Refraction

As a student, I was never one people called studious. I loved carrying books with me and reading but I never really was keen on fully understanding and absorbing what I was reading.

This time I had to find the real meaning of “refraction” as opposed to “reflection”. Am I the only one who’s not fully getting it? Because really I find the term “refraction” challenging to show.

I searched for images showing refraction and they were all beautiful. Still am not confident of what I got here.

Above is a waterlily with its stems refracted in a garden pool taken during a visit at the Chicago Botanical this year.

365 Project: Day 265

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Ailsa’s Travel Theme Challenge: Broken



The moment I saw the challenge “Broken”, I knew exactly the photo I will use. I thought I’d look for a beautiful quote to go with it, instead I found these paragraphs. I didn’t realize I got it from a blogpost and then I couldn’t find the exact entry.

The post says something about lessons to be learned from a broken shell. I think her words resonate to many of us and even a broken shell can give us some important lessons.

I began to pick up those broken shells, seeing a different perspective that others overlooked. “See these colors.” “Ooh, look at these – how beautiful!” And a few steps further, “Feel this one,” as I rubbed my thumb back and forth across its smooth surface, comforting like a worry stone.

We are like those seashells. We don’t get the option to stay on the beach, comfortable, warm and unaffected by the ebb and flow of life. Instead we must face the surf, overcome the riptides of calamity and disaster to offer value and beauty to those whose paths cross ours.

Some of us seem to have ‘perfect’ lives, yet we’ve been through the surf of situations and circumstances that tossed us about and left our emotions behind with the tide.

Some of us are battered by life, dull and chipped like that sand dollar. We’ve lost the polish of loving kindness – replaced with the grayness of anger, bitterness and disappointment, grief and regret.

Others are broken – eroded physically, mentally, emotionally or financially. Our lives, our ‘shells’, are no longer what we had expected. We’ve been washed ashore by waves of time and circumstance. We wait, broken and alone, for someone to pick us up, dust off the grit and remind us of our innate value and beauty.

I’m sure we’d all rather be like seashells in the Beach Store: perfect, polished, costly. But Life’s tides don’t give us that option.

The next time you see people or circumstances that aren’t what you want or expect, remember the lesson of the shells. They were all perfect once. Yet, even battered and broken, they add to the ambience that is Life. Every seashell – if it could talk, would tell you a story of joy and sorrow, ebb and flow.

365 Project: Day 264

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Vibrant colors


Here are my entries for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge for the week: Vibrant Colors. Nothing like the vivid colors of blown glass made by Chihuly.

It is mind-boggling how he’s able to add different characteristics, shapes, lines, simulate texture, and colors into his artistry.

Go here to join and see more entries.


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A Word-A-Week: Fly


This is my entry to Sue Llewellyn’s Photo Challenge for the week: Fly. To join and see more entries, go here.

This photo reminds me that I need to get the bird feeders for storage this weekend. No hummies came even though I left fresh nectars for them. And while my friend was successful in getting the birds to feed in her feeders, they were joined by the squirrels so she figured if she kept feeding them all she would have to file bankruptcy very soon as they were voracious feeders. I would have gladly kept feeding the hummingbirds if they came but they were a no show.

Well there is always next year.

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A grateful heart

“When life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate. And when life is bitter, say thank you and grow.”

– Shauna Niequist

We went to a memorial service this afternoon in memory of a dear friend of some of my friends. I didn’t know the person but one could sense that he would be greatly missed. The memorial was how you would want your friends and loved ones to remember you. Everyone spoke fondly of the deceased – he was a good husband, a great father to a son, a devoted grandfather, a beloved brother of a sister, and plenty of friends who all paid their last respect and say their goodbyes (he passed away in another state).

Above quote was at the end of the program.

365 Project: Day 263

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Travel Theme: Interior


This is my entry to Ailsa of Where’s My Backpack challenge for the week: Interior.

There is a lot to be awed about inside the Luray Caverns in Virginia. But my favorite is “Dream Lake”. It is covered with 2-feet of water. It is very calm and has a glasslike effect. So the picture is the perfect image of the ceiling of the cave.


Can you see it?

This is the third cave I’ve visited in the US but this definitely is a must see. Truly nature’s wonder!

365 Project: Day 262

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