Frizztext’s AtoZ Challenge: “Z”

One challenge to finish. I think I will end here with Frizztext’s AtoZ Challenge. Some letters are just hard to fulfill. Good thing I am bit knowledgeable with gardening I could come up with Zinnia for the last letter.


365 Project: Day 200

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A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Red

Red is my favorite color but I got to be in a special mood to wear it. Love it on special occasions – in fact I have one dress on standby which is waiting to be worn when the right time comes. But first I must lose 5-10 pounds. Ha ha ha

I am so attracted to the color. No doubt about it. I’ve loved red for so long, I couldn’t remember when my love affair with it happened. Of course it started with friends saying I look great in that color because of my dark complexion. Vain!

A garden ornament

A garden ornament

Waiting for the hummingbirds

Waiting for the hummingbirds

And of course it would be icing on the cake in the garden if hummingbirds would come visiting but I have since given up. The red roses are blooming again so maybe I would give it another shot.

365 Project: Day 199

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How loud should we say it

No More War!

No More War!

There was a demonstration at the front of the Boeing Headquarters on Thursday. I wanted to get home early so I thought it would be quick if I walk by there but instead I bumped into them and then the police won’t let me go through the building. I had to go around the block.

I hate reading or watching the news lately. It is so depressing to hear all the loss of the innocents, people who never factor in to these unrests but just going through their lives.

Why can’t we all just live together harmoniously?


365 Project: Day 198

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Corn soup with bittermelon leaves

Ginisang mais with ampalaya leaves

Ginisang mais with ampalaya leaves

Corn soup reminds me of my mother, always. She loved to cook them during the summer when corn is in season and for a change in her menu.

It has become a favorite of mine too so when I chanced upon a great batch of corn at the local grocery store and the price was right, ten cents each, I grabbed them.

I had all the ingredients, dried shrimps in place of fresh shrimps and some frozen bitter melon leaves. The bitterness of the leaves serve as a good balance to the sweetness of the corn.

There were some left over grilled pork which I minced and added to the soup. Unlike corn chowder that calls for a thickener and cream, Filipino soups are almost always clear. A good chicken broth which I had in the pantry was a perfect base for this soup.

It is so simple to make and yet a great comfort food for me. Just one of the joys of summer.

365 Project: Day 197

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Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

Geneva‘s old center of town is historical and their downtown is filled with quaint little boutiques housed in old homes. It is definitely a nice place to visit.

Because I love needlework, our first stop was at Needle Things. I don’t know how to knit and I have always been jealous of those who do so I got attracted at some of their items.

One of them were these colorful knitted cupcakes. I was wondering what purpose they serve other than magnets for dusts. At closer look, you can open the top and voila! It is a mini container of small items. Women never ran out of tiny objects like jewelries, pins, buttons and what have you. Or it could serve as a nice container for a small gift.

I have to remind myself to check out their pottery offerings because I collect those handmade creations. There was a creamer that I liked and I regret not getting it now. Well, it would be a nice excuse for a fourth visit.


My entry to this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Container.

365 Project: Day 196

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Frizztext’s AtoZ Challenge: Y

DSC_0345Tagged “Y” as in yellow. My entry to Frizztext’s weekly challenge, here.

Still on the grounds of the Fabyan Villa Museum.

I love this flower especially this variety. The shrub is about 8-foot tall and it can go grow wild here in the Midwest. We generally call them prairie flowers.

They are ideal in the garden because they are not bushy and can fill a space at the back. They are perennials and can reseed so one is assured that you will have it back every year. It is low maintenance and loves the hot dry summer.


365 Project: Day 195

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Wood/Spring



Photos taken yesterday from the Fabyan Villa Museum grounds located in Geneva, Illinois. I would like to revisit this place, am sure the trees would be very colorful in the Fall.

The grounds of the Villa is a good place for a picnic. The gardens are well kept although they could use more flowering plants but they have huge swatch of prairie flowers. They also have a covered structure with picnic tables and barbecue pits within walking distance to the wash rooms. The trails are also well kept and people can bring their bikes or kayaks.

My entry to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Spring/Wood. To join or see more entries, go here.

365 Project: Day 194

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